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Browning SP20 Sporter Series Review

Today’s review focuses on the Browning SP20 Sporter Series, a new line of 15-23 gun safe that is available in different colors.

Every gun safe under the category comes with fine fit hinges, sleek finish and outstanding artisanship, making it the talk of the town among gun enthusiasts and owners, big game hunting fans and gun collectors, among others.

If you’re deciding to buy it yourself, it may be wise to make an informed decision than not.

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Who Is Behind The Browning SP20 Sporter Series?

Browning, a gun safe company founded by John Browning in 1879, manufactures firearms and fishing gears. It started as a rifle designer and maker, but then expanded to offer its customers with a wide array of firearms as well as outdoor products, including shooting clothing and accessories, gun safes and knives. Now, let’s discuss the SP20 Sporter Series a bit further.

Product Features/Technical Details

Browning Sporter SP20

  • Fire protection: Tested at 1200 degrees F, up to 45 minutes
  • Palusol fire safety seal
  • Door thickness: one inch
  • Weight: 490 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: Exterior, : 58 inches (height) x 30 inches(width) x 20 inches (depth)
  • Interior, 53 5/8 inches (height) x 26 ¾ inches (width) x 16 inches (depth)
  • UL Attack Listed
  • 5-year warranty on locks
  • 12-gauge steel body
  • 2-layer insulation in the door and body
  • Double-sided locking bolts
  • Deluxe storage system
  • Anti-prying features
  • Fully-reinforced door frame
  • 8 locking bolts in total
  • Force-deflecting lock system
  • Three deluxe handles
  • Stylish appearance
  • Elevated floor for easier gun removal
  • Available in Hammer Grey-Dial, Hammer Grey-Electronic
  • Average Price: $1,200 (*Prices vary from seller to seller)


  • Great value and investment
  • Quality maker pre and post sales support
  • Fire safety compliant
  • Factory tested
  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Sleek finish, lovely interior and exterior, matching any room concept or theme


  • There were some reports of defective product delivery, but many were pacified and solved by the company’s accommodating customer support. Many of these complainants received a Free replacement on their Browning SP20 gun safe.

Summary of Feedbacks From Existing Customers

A majority of customers are happy and satisfied of their Browning Sporter Series because it’s complete with safety and security features that protect their guns, documents, last wills and jewelries, among other valuables and assets. Some customers say that they’ve purchased the gun safe as a gift to their father hunters and sporting enthusiasts-husbands, and many of them appreciate the gun security tool.

Who Should Buy The Browning SP20 Sporter Series?

Browning Sporter SP20 openThe Browning SP20 Sporter Series is a good buy to those who want to maximize a gun safe investment. It’s fire-tested and compliant with the Palusol fire safety seal as well as it is UL lock listed. You will have peace of mind if you would opt for the affordable gun safe that can accommodate 15-23 guns or rifles (*Capacity may vary based from your guns’ size).

In addition, those looking to get a stylish gun safe can definitely take a second look at the Browning SP20 Sporter Series because it comes with a sleek and fine finish exterior and interior, which makes it a good additional to any home without catching much attention from prying eyes and spies.

Moreover, those who want to have their guns or rifles protected from children’s reach and burglars’ forced opening can depend on the Browning SP20 Sporter Series because it comes with a one-inch chromed locking bolts and triple-sided coverage on the door. It also has four active bolts, making eight locking bolts.

Ratings: 5/5 Stars

Conclusions and Recommendations

Based from Browning SP20 Sporter Series convenient, durable and quality features as well as fine and sleek finish, the gun safe is worth the investment at a great value price of $1,000-$1,200 (**Prices may vary from seller to seller). Everything that can be defined of a gun safe is packed in the Browning SP20 15-23—just how a gun safe should be.

Definitely, anyone can take advantage of full security features without the high price. Should you want further advice and consultation about your purchase, you can get in touch with a reputable and accommodating seller today.

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