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Cannon Safe: Brand Review and Product Offering

The best way to protect your guns and other priceless items is obviously with the most secure safe, especially a Cannon safe designed and manufactured by Cannon Safe Inc. The company manufactures safes suitable for both office and home use, given that they are fireproof and come with state-of-the-art security features and apparel. Therefore, if you need a safe that offers protection from burglary, fires, floods and any other disaster, a Cannon would make the best option for you.

The company is based in San Bernardino, California. It has more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of Cannon gun safes and other safe-related products through online retailers and authorized dealers in the United States.

Cannon Safe Inc. is the industry’s leader that specializes in gun safes that not only safeguards your firearms but also your loved ones. Each Cannon safe is built according to strict security standards such that it can survive fire and forced entry.

Why buy a Cannon safe?

There are several reasons as to why you should invest in the security of your belongings Cannon using a safe. For instance, you can rest assured that all key security and anesthetic features needed to provide you with total peace of mind are incorporated into a gun safe of your choice, especially if you purchase high quality gun safe from a top manufacturer such as Cannon Safe.

The Cannon safe’s unibody construction helps to deliver maximum strength and ruggedness given that they are made from tough steel composite and a hard plate. Consequentially, this renders the safe impenetrable for unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, cannon safes are fitted with locking systems second to none, yet they can quickly open as long the correct combination is entered. To make the safe good enough for aesthetic reasons and for office use, the manufacturer has designed it like an attractive piece of furniture with matte finish that can withstand all sorts of daily abuse.

With a cannon safe, you can rest assured that you guns and other valuables, including documents and jewelry, can survive a raging inferno of up to 1200 degree F for 75 minutes.

Basically, the safe’s excellent craftsmanship to protect your valuables against fire is based on the fact that it is designed with multiple layers of a fire resistant material. Actually, do not make a mistake of not protecting your valuables with a Cannon safe. Cannon safes also boast of high UL ratings for security.

Cannon Gun Safe Warranty

Cannon knocks it out of the park with there warranty offering. As long as you own the safe you can expect a lifetime warranty that covers free parts, free labor and free freight.

Cannon Safe Series

Cannon Safe Inc. manufactures a wide range of exceptional safes and safe related products. The following is a list of the commonest Cannon gun safe series. Click each tab below to review the various safes offered by the Cannon:

Cannon Series

Cannon CA33Cannon Series host two models (CA23 and CA33), with relatively higher gun capacity 24 and 36 guns. Although smaller than the commander series these model still have all the similar features that make a Cannon Safe strong and secure. The price range for these safes are very attractive and with the  CA23 model at ($1499) and CA33 model ($1699).

Some key features in the Cannon Series include :

  • ETL verified to survive heat up to 1200 degree F for 1 hours
  • Weight: 560lbs and 730lbs (CA23 and CA33 respectively)
  • Handle Type: 5 Spoke
  • UL: YES
  • 6  Bolt locking  (CA23 and CA33 respectively)
  • Anti-Pry Tab
  • Interior Lighting

Products with free shipping

Commander Series

Cannon SafesThis is one of the best series of gun safes that the manufacturer has ever produced. The models in this series; Commander Series 43 ($3699) and 54 ($4199), have a high gun capacity.

It is quite interesting to note that the internal power supply of both models provides two convenient 110V outlets, RJ45 Ethernet connection and a USB port to keep your valuables like a computer charged and connected. These safes are build strong and will not be easily entered by anyone.

Some key features in the Commander Series include :

  • ETL to survive 1200 degree F for 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 1325 lbs and 1509 lbs (Series 43 and 54 respectively)
  • Handle Type: 5 Spoke
  • UL: YES
  • 12 and 13 Bolt locking  (Series 43 and 54 respectively)
  • Interior Lighting


Armory Series

Cannon A54This Cannon safe series is a “Beast” with huge storage capacity. This series offers key features including a state-of-the-art power supply system and a deluxe inside with ample space to keep your treasures. Designed and manufactured for a lifetime use, the armory series comprises of models like Armory series 54 ($2199) and 64 ($2799), with a hammer-tone finish. The safes’ interior shelving system, walls and door panel are exquisitely finished with top-class upholstery.

Some key features in the Armory Series include :

  • ETL verified to 1200 degree F for 30 minutes
  • Weight: 783lbs and 944lbs (A54 and A64 respectively)
  • Handle Type: 5 Spoke
  • UL: YES
  • 6 and 7 Bolt locking  (A54 and A64 respectively)

Products with free shipping

Patriot Series

Cannon p22Built by Cannon, the Patriot series comprises of models including Patriot Series P14 ($1999), P22 ($1399) and P40 ($1599) that are full-featured to offer security and good looks. Basically, it is the ultimate series for storing your valuables given its 4 inch steel amalgamated door, ETL verified fire ratingat 30 minutes for up to 1200 degree F. It is worth mentioning that the safes in this series are available in different sizes that provide you with high security even when the floor space is at a premium.

Some key features in the Patriot Series include :

  • ETL verified  to 1200 degree F for 1 hr
  • Weight: 400lbs, 525lbs and 650lbs (P14, P22 and P40 respectively)
  • Handle Type: 5 Spoke
  • UL: YES
  • 5  Bolt locking (P14, P22 and P40 respectively)

Products with free Shipping

Scout Series

Scouts14The Scout Series comprises of 7 models; S14 ($999), S19 ($1099), S33(1399), S40 ($1549) and S45($1799) that are full-featured to offer ultimate security. This series also comes with Cannon’s 4 inch steel amalgamated door, ETL verified fire rating at 30 minutes for up to 1200 degree F. It is worth mentioning that like the patriot series, the safes in this series are available in different sizes and are very reasonably prices for a premium safe.

Some key features in the Scout Series include :

  • ETL verified to 1200 degree F for 30 mins
  • Weight: 350lbs, 410lbs, 585lbs, 615lbs and 726lbs  (s14, s19, s33, s40 and s45 respectively)
  • UL: YES
  • 4  and 5 Bolt locking (s14, s19, s33, s40 and s45 respectively)

Products with free shipping:

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