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ford console f150. install

Best Console Vault Safes Review

In our last article we reviewed the Browning Tactical Safe. Today we breakdown three of the top Car safes/Console Vault on the market. The Ford (2009-2014) F150 Console Vault is perhaps one of the best vehicle safes around. Suitable for use in your motor vehicle this safe will help to keep your firearms secure. This product is […]

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Homak Gun Safe

Homak Gun Safes Review: Does Homak Deserve A Second Look?

You do not just shoot an investment for a new Homak gun safe without a clear sight of what you are buying. Sure, you may have inherited your grandfather’s twenty-two. Or perhaps, you have a gun collection in your basement, or you simply bought a gun for protection. Whatever the reasons as a gun owner […]

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Gun Safety and Children: With a Right, Comes a Responsibility

Some people decide to purchase a firearm for sport, either hunting or target practice, while others choose to keep a gun for personal protection at their home or business. In either instance, the paramount consideration before purchasing the gun is ensuring that you have a safe place to store it. Not under the bed. Not […]

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Understanding Gun Laws in Canada, Mexico, and Australia

The first step to take for any prospective firearm owner is to gain a full understanding of the right to bear arms in their respective country. And in exercising that right, equal importance must be attached to learning and abiding by all applicable federal, state (or provincial), and local laws. This is a basic primer […]

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Understanding the Gun Laws in United States and United Kingdom

United States According to a 2011 study by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the number of firearms owned by private civilians in the U.S. was 310 million, including 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns. That’s roughly one gun for every […]

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Combination unlocked

Combination Locking Mechanism: It’s All In The Code

Combination locks (the product of a Combination Locking Mechanism)  are a type of padlocks that have been around since the ancient Roman times. The earliest types of such locks were comprised of a small box with several dials instead of keyholes. This led to the development of modern combination locks that use a wheel pack […]

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Rifle Gun Safes: Quality and Quantity above all

Rifle Gun safes are devices that are used to secure and provide protective storage of one or more Rifle or “long gun” fire arms and their ammunition. They prevent accessibility by unauthorized persons, burglary and damages as a result of floods and fire. Rifle Gun safes Types Rifle Gun safes are available in many types […]

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Biometric Locking Mechanism: The future of Security

Nowadays, a biometric locking Mechanism, also known as keyless lock or finger print locks, has become one of the most effective latest innovations in the security devices to eliminate chances of duplication. Such devices are not only used by organizations but have become very popular for preventing access by unauthorized persons to safes. Biometric technology […]

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Pistol Gun Safe: Smaller equals Stealth and Mobility

Anyone who owns a pistol for one reason or the other needs a pistol gun safe to contain it. Every gun type has its own specially designed safe to meet its needs. In this case, the pistol gun safe is purposely for storage of a pistol. This keeps intruders and house members from gaining access […]

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Fingerprint Gun Safe: Biometric at its Best

What is a Fingerprint Gun Safe Nowadays, gun safety has become a big issue and the times when a licensed gun owner could simply keep his/her gun in the cabinet are gone. This has been made possible with the introduction of fingerprint safes that use state of the art biometric technology. In some occasions, such […]

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