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Centurion gun safe review – Liberty Explorer 30 Minute Safe

In our last post we looked at the smaller Biometric Handgun pistol safes. Now the assess the Centurion Safe. When you want to protect your valuables as best you can, then you need to ensure you have one of America’s best safes at your disposal.

The Liberty Centurion EX23 is a remarkably tough and sophisticated safe that comes with some unique features that you won’t find elsewhere. 

With an extra level of fire protection and a range of relocking devices, this safe has to be one of the very best around.

Lets see why the Centurion Gun Safe from Liberty, might be the safe for you

Features and Specifications

Centurion gun safe openThe Lilberty Centurion EX23 comes with a composite door and UL listed locks. The multiple locking bolts ensure your guns are very secure and only those who should get to your guns can.

The safe also comes with a range of relocking devices that help to deter forced entry, which means your valuables will be a whole lot safer than they ever have been.

When it comes to protecting your guns should a fire break out, this safe will protect them to a whole new level as it has been upgraded with 62,000 BTUs. You will also find an extra layer in the door and in the ceiling, which really helps this safe to stand out from the rest.

  • Weight: 485lbs
  • Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 25 inches
  • Interior Dimensions: 58 x 28 x 16 inches

Safe Colors

Textured Black – The color will help your safe to look good in any office or home environment. With its clean black finish it will also look extremely professional while letting others know that you mean business when it comes to keeping your guns and other valuables safe. The color also helps the safe to be hard to see in the dark. Should an intruder be on the look-out for a safe, the textured black finish will make it almost impossible to detect in a darkened room.

Gun Capacity 25 Guns (Also comes in 12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 30 capacity)

Centurion gun safe FrontWith the ability to store up to 25 guns, you can keep all of your firearms secure without having to buy multiple safes. This means you can keep every single gun as secure as the rest, leaving you with the peace of mind you need.

Safe Hardware Color

Chrome – The safe hardware comes in chrome so you can find your guns, ammo and other equipment quickly and easily should you need to.

Fire Rating: 30 Minutes @ 1200°

With the ability to keep your valuables safe for up to 30 minutes @ 1200°, you will have extra time to protect the contents and ensure they are out of harms’ way

Steel Thickness: 12 gauge steel which is 0.1046 Inches thick

Lock Choices: Dial or electronic – Depending on which option you prefer, you can choose between a safe that’s opened vial a dial, or one that’s opened electronically. Both options are very secure and will help to ensure the contents of your safe are out of harm’s way.

Very Affordable: Amazing value at $999.95


The Liberty Centurion EX23 comes with a good amount of storage room that allows you to store up to 25 guns and all your assorted paraphernalia. The left hand side of the safe comes with a range of fittings that allow you to store your guns upright, no matter what size they are.

Above the gun storage space and spanning the entire width of the safe you will find a shelf that’s suitable for storing a wide range of objects. Light objects should ideally be stored on the higher shelf as they will be easy to lift off. To the right of the gun storage space you will find four more shelves that are suitable for storing cartridges and other valuables you wish to keep safe.

A Classic Touch

The Liberty Centurion EX 23 comes with a very classic look that many other safes fail to achieve. If you’re looking for a safe that stands proud in your home or place of work then this particular one could be ideal for you. The brand name is emblazoned across the safe door with pride and the insignia and safe handle give it that classic touch users are sure to love.


If you are looking for a very secure safe that will store 25 guns with ease, then this is the safe for you. With its classic black finish and chrome interior the safe is a pleasure to own. The extra security features mean users can rest assured that their valuables and firearms can only be accessed by those authorized to do so.

With its 12 gauge steel, opening the safe unless you have the combination will be very difficult, and the upgraded fire protection make this safe even more secure than ever before. If you don’t want to compromise the security of your firearms and valuables then you need to consider purchasing this impressive and highly secure safe.


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