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Fingerprint Gun Safe: Biometric at its Best

What is a Fingerprint Gun Safe

Nowadays, gun safety has become a big issue and the times when a licensed gun owner could simply keep his/her gun in the cabinet are gone. This has been made possible with the introduction of fingerprint safes that use state of the art biometric technology.

In some occasions, such safes are also known as biometric safes because it involves the use of physical traits or behavioral traits, in this case the finger prints. Usually, gun safes are meant to be opened with a key, punch code or combination but innovations are being made almost continuously.

This innovative technology has been proven to provide top notch security for your assets, especially if you don’t want your children being able to access it. So this means quicker access to your firearm when you need it the most.

Features of a Quality Fingerprint Gun Safe

The majority of biometric safes ( if not all), are easily programmable and can accommodate approximately 50 authorized fingerprints. Which allows you to program your spouse as a back option. The major benefit of biometric is that you access the safe at the touch of a finger with your fingerprint recognition that takes less than one second.

It is a combination of over 20 years of biometric development that requires no external computer to program it because it has a full digital LCD display user interface. This innovation greatly improves access time, which is most important when you need it.

Fingerprint safes are powered by D-cell batteries or an auxiliary AC/DC adapters that can conveniently plug into an electrical outlet. It is also quite interesting to note that the D-cell batteries can last up to one year under normal use.

This type of a safe is made of fabricated steel and in some scenarios, the style and design is pry resistant and has stood a test of time. Ideally, one particular shocking matter is the quality and strength of the material used to create these safes and also its protective foam-lined interior.


1. Fingerprint access safes can work well with those individuals with memory issues

  • This is one of the most outstanding advantages of this type of a safe. Unlike a safe that requires a dial combination, key or a punch code lock, you can never lose your fingerprint. This makes such biometric safes the best option for those people with poor memory including the elderly.

2. Easily accessible

  • As mentioned earlier, it takes less than one second for the safe to process your fingerprint and hence it provides you with fast and easy access during a crisis. This means that you don’t have to fumble for a key or stay calm enough to punch in the right code.

3. It can be set to accept multiple fingerprints

  • Another great feature of fingerprint access safes, as mentioned earlier, is the fact that such safes are capable of storing more than one finger print and hence only approved individuals can have access to your weapon. For instance, as the licensed gun owner, you may want your wife to access the safe in case of an emergency while forbidding access by your children. Hence, this helps to ensure that if an approved gun user needs access to a gun, they have it.


  • Just like any other product in the market, fingerprint access safes have some limitations as well. For instance, some old models can perform a false scan and hence the safe will open for the wrong fingerprint or even deny access to the right one. Fortunately, this problem has been eradicated in newer models.
  • In some cases, even the new safes might not open for correct fingerprints. This failure can be attributed to the use of wet or dirty fingers but can be avoided by wiping away moisture or grime that may be present on your fingertips.
  • Because of the advanced technology and the nature of the materials used to make a safe, it is comparatively more expensive than other types of safes. Nonetheless, since it was first introduced, its price continue to drop.
  • It’s important to monitor the battery power source to ensure that access will be granted when you need it. Most unit will signal you to low battery levels.

Who is a Fingerprint/Biometric Safe for?

While there are numerous pros and cons to every safe, a fingerprint access safe is more suitable for parents with young playful children or any other individual who would like to restrict the access of his/her weapon to authorized individuals.

The choice of which safe to purchase will always come down to your personal needs as a gun owner. However, when you are seeking to buy the best safe, it is highly recommended that you choose the one with the lowest fingerprint rejection rate, high quality, safety, durability and quick access.

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