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Pistol Gun Safe: Smaller equals Stealth and Mobility

Anyone who owns a pistol for one reason or the other needs a pistol gun safe to contain it. Every gun type has its own specially designed safe to meet its needs. In this case, the pistol gun safe is purposely for storage of a pistol. This keeps intruders and house members from gaining access to it without your authorization.

It also ensures that the contents of the safe are safely kept away from the public’s eye hence privacy. Knowing that only you have access to your pistol guarantees peace of mind and security. There are different types of pistol gun safes in the market. However, one thing is certain; they are all designed to meet the primary need of security for your pistol.

Features and Design of a Pistol Gun Safe

1. Foam lining

  • Pistol safes have a foam lining all over the walls of the interior. This foam lining is meant to keep the weapon and any other variable inside safe from exterior damage for instance fire or impact. This sure gives you the peace of mind in knowing that not only is the pistol inaccessible for prying hands but also protected.

2. Precise fitting

  • Pistol gun safes are designed with high strength lock mechanism with a precise fitting all round. This design makes it impossible for an intruder to break the safe open with a hand tools. The fitting design leaves no space for a foreign tool to get in between hence secure and safe from breakage.

3. Unique safe access codes

  • All pistol owners are guaranteed of over 12 million safe access codes available for their gun safes. This sees to it that each and every pistol safe owner has their own special code that is unique and impossible for an intruder to guess or hack.

4. Audio feedback

  • Pistol gun safes have a special audio feedback that confirms it when you enter correct keypad entries. If anyone tries to enter your code, you will be assured of hearing the audio feedback on the safe hence be alert. This only heightens the security and safety of your weapon and any other valuable stored inside. If the audio feature is not needed, one can easily disable it whenever they wish.

5. Battery powered

  • The pistol gun safes are designed to be easily portable hence powered by a battery. This way, a full supply of power charge can keep the safe in operation for a very long time. This will give you longer service without needing to recharge. An electrical powered one will need to come with a cord which in turn needs a power supply hence limiting in case one is in a remote place.

6. Tamper indicator

  • To maintain the high security status of pistol gun safes is the tamper indicator. This indicator notifies you whenever an incorrect code has been entered since you last locked it. This way, you can easily know if someone was trying to gain access hence take more security measures over the safe. This is purposely for maximum security and to give the owner absolute power over their safe.

7. Computer lock

  • The pistol gun safe is designed with a built in computer lock that locks the safe when several invalid entries of unlocking the safe are made. This is only to enhance security of your device and ensure any intrusive attempts unsuccessful.


  • The safe can easily store and contain other valuable items apart from the pistol for instance bullets, case and documents.
  • Fits in the car- The pistol gun safe can easily fit in the car hence outside the home protection.
  • Secure- It is difficult for intruders to access your safe without your authorization.


  • Dysfunctional keypad- It has been noted that the keypad loses its efficiency with time especially after long use. However when the keys fail to respond to presses, you can always use the gun safe’s key to open it hence functionality is still guaranteed.


Who is a Pistol Gun Safe for?

The pistol gun safes are an ideal choice for anyone who owns a pistol both at home or the office. The fact that it can be carried to the car stretches the limits to security hence useful. All pistol users can use the safe for the purpose of storing other important documents related to the pistol in the same safe for security purposes. However, one can store whatever they wish as far as it fits hence provide versatility.

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