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Affiliate Links Disclosure

This site may recommend products or services through the use of text links, image links or banner links. Some or all of the links contained on this site may be affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, this site may receive commissions when a purchase is made through any of these affiliate links.

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Product Review or Sample Copy Disclosure

On occasion, this site may post product reviews. These product reviews can range from individual products, reviewed at our discretion, to free samples we have received in exchange for our review. While the reviews we post represent our own opinions, beliefs and recommendations, compensation may be received in the form of cash, gifts or other in exchange for these reviews.

Sponsored Posts Disclosure

Occasionally, this site may be compensated (cash, gift, or other) for posting information and/or recommendations about a particular product, service, company or organization.

Employee/Shareholder Relationship Disclosure

While we only recommend products and services we believe to be of value to our users, this site may also write about and promote products and services owned by or its owner(s).