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Rifle Gun Safes: Quality and Quantity above all

Rifle Gun safes are devices that are used to secure and provide protective storage of one or more Rifle or “long gun” fire arms and their ammunition. They prevent accessibility by unauthorized persons, burglary and damages as a result of floods and fire.

Rifle Gun safes Types

Rifle Gun safes are available in many types such as:

Finger print / Biometric Rifle Gun Safes

These are one of the most secure type of gun safe on the market. They use (biometric) fingerprints to lock and unlock the safe. A quality rifle safe can store up to 30+ different finger prints  (biometric signatures). The advantage of this safe is that it limits the access to only a given number of people of which their finger prints have been recorded in the safe system. It is easy to operate and unlike other safe types there is no possibility of forgetting passwords or losing keys. For more information of biometric locking mechanism, read our review.

Electronic or digital Rifle Gun Safes

These Rifle gun safes types are very popular and commonly used. Like most quality gun safes the interior of the safe is composed of padded fabric, barrel supports, secure doors, multi-bars security and polish coat exterior. They safe rely on digital input to drive the locking mechanism and provide access. In most cases the owner will input a 4  – 10 digit access code which will grant them entry in the safe.

These safes typically come with an extra battery for backup purposes especially when there is no reliable electricity system or when the internal battery is low.

Rifle Gun Vaults the Deluxe Safe type

These are readily available in the market and the most reliable hence used by most people. They are huge in size with a soft foam interior hence can be used to store more than one rifle. The locking system is extremely advanced and hard to break in hence protect firearms even from the most accomplished buglers.

Characteristics of Quality Rifle Gun Safes

Most Rifle gun safes share similar Characteristics and features such as:

  • Size: Rifle safes are made to hold 4 to 8 minimum rifles and can go upwards of 36. This makes it perfect for larger gun collections.
  • Door Organizer Included – this is designed in such a way that the interior part of the door has pocket like shelves that can be used for storage of ammunition and other gun accessories.
  • Adjustable Shelving – since different rifles come in different sizes in terms of height, the shelves are adjustable to be able to host the rifles.
  • Anchor Mounting – this helps is fixing or bolting the safe on a wall or on the floor. This aid in making it immovable since safes weight between 5-15 pounds hence buglers can not steal it once they are unable to unlock the safe.
  • Lock Option – As discussed above, these options makes locking convenient and faster to get when one needs access to firearms in a hurry for self defense.
  • Interior Lighting Option – there are light bulbs fixed in the interior that goes on once the door is opened and off after closing the door. This facilitates view of the items inside the safe.
  • Exterior Color Options – gun safes come in variety of colors that buyers can choose from.
  • Dehumidifier – in some gun safes they come already installed while for others one has to buy the device as an accessory. The purpose of this is to dry the air in the safe to avoid humid which could lead to rusting or metal clogging.
  • Jewelry Drawer – some safes have a compartment that one can use to store jewels and other precious belongings and stones.


  • 1. Provides security for firearms and jewels therefore preventing and reducing the chances of burglary.
  • 2. Security code or fingerprints. This restricts accessibility to only authorized people hence provide a more secure way of storage.
  • 3. More storage. Gun safes have a spacious interior hence provides storage for more than one firearm.


  • 1. Children can lock themselves in. due to the spacious interior small children may lock themselves in especially when the safes are left unlocked and may lead to death.
  • 2. Lost passwords and keys. Users may loss passwords or keys to unlock the safe, hence not being able to access the safe.
  • 3. During stressful situations, users may be unable to unlock the safe; hence the firearms can not come in handy in such situations.

Safety precaution

Adults should at all time ensure that the safes are locked every time they unlock them to avoid children cases. Accessibility should not be limited to only one user, in the event of illnesses and death; the safe should at least have two or more people being able to access it.

Factors to consider while purchasing a Rifle gun safes

  • Size: This is one of the major factors that distinguishes Rifle gun safes from other safes, you want to ensure that the safe has the capacity to hold all your guns.
  • Cost:  Have a market survey before purchasing in order to get the best deal.
  • Fire and water proof: Go for safes that are water and fire proof in order to keep the items safe and secure.
  • Safe measurements and weight: The safe should have enough space in the house and kept where it can easily accessible. Hence, buyers should consider the size in regards to storage availability in their homes.
  • Locks: Buyers should choose the most convenient type of locks in regards to the purpose and location of the safe.


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