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Strong Box Gun Safe: How Strong Is It?

Most people own firearms and ammunition for family protection, while others choose to collect guns as a hobby. Whatever the reason for owning firearms, it goes without saying that safety should always be the primary concern. Unfortunately, many gun-related accidents and fatalities happen in homes due to a lack of taking proper safety precautions. For this reason, the importance of keeping firearms away from children or untrained users simply cannot be overstated. This is where a Strong Box Gun Safe may come in handy.

What is Strong Box Gun Safe

One of the most effective ways to safely store and secure firearms is through the use of a safe known as a strongbox. Storing your weapons in a strongbox ensures that you will prevent children from gaining access to your firearms, which will greatly reduce the risk of any type of firearm-related injury or fatality in the home.

Purchasing a strongbox that includes features such as an electronic lock or concealed hinges will add to the level of overall security on the unit. Many strongboxes also double as a place to store all types of valuables, including jewelry, family heirlooms and sensitive documents.

Design and Features of a Strong Box

Strongboxes come in several different designs and with various security features. One of the most popular strongbox designs is the “top-loader“, which simply means that the door to the safe is positioned on the top of the box. This compact design makes it a particularly popular choice for people who choose to store their firearms in their vehicles.

Another commonly utilized design is the “pull-out drawer“, where the firearm is stored on a rolling tray that can be accessed from a flip-down door on the side of the box. Many strongboxes also feature shelves for storing different types of valuables, and most feature a carpeted or foam-padded bottom to protect your firearm and keep your valuables from physical damage.

Lock types

Lock types will vary among strongboxes as well. Some strongboxes feature a single lock, while others feature dual locks for added security. Many safes feature mechanical locks, but electronic locks are an extremely popular choice due to an increased ease of use and the ability to program several different passcode combinations.

Most safes that feature electronic locks also include a programmable override key in case of extreme emergency situations. If you choose a strongbox that has mechanical locks, make sure that the lock cams are shielded or covered to reduce the risk of tampering.

Lighting in Strong Box

Safe lights are also an important feature to look for in your strongbox. Many strongboxes include small lights to help you see the combination keypad in a dark environment such as a closet. Additionally, other safes offer interior lights to help you easily locate your firearm and ammunition in the dark, with a minimal amount of “shuffling” the contents of the safe.

In an extreme situation where your life could be threatened, the ability to quietly and quickly access your weapon could mean the difference between life and death.

Bio-metric Strong box Safes

There are other types of safes that offer more sophisticated levels of security as well. Biometric strongboxes come equipped with fingerprint scanners to provide a high level of authentication before allowing access. Since everyone’s fingerprints and thumbprints are unique, biometric safes offer a strong level of security to prevent unauthorized access.

The major benefit of biometric strongboxes are their ease of accessibility to those whose fingerprints are registered in the device. If you are ever in an emergency situation, it may be very difficult to recall the precise combination of complex letters and numbers in your passcode, and fumbling around with keys can cost you precious time. For this reason, biometric strongboxes are one of the most viable choices for ultimate firearm security but also accessibility in times of duress.

Cons of Strong Box Safe

The major downside to a strong box, which contradicts its name is it strength. A strongbox will keep younger kids from getting at your assets however they will not withstand the full assault from a burglar. For this reason we recommended that you look at alternative safe types like a shotgun Safe.


The most important thing to remember when shopping for a strongbox is that it is there to serve the purposes that you define. For this reason, it is important to really think through the type of usage and accessibility requirements that you’re going to need. It is also imperative that you adopt a “zero compromise” attitude where safety is concerned. Using these points as your guide, you will be able to purchase a strongbox that will promote the protection of your firearms and valuables while at the same time ensuring your own safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones.

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