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Who ELSE Needs Heritage Gun Safes?

Maybe you are wondering why Heritage gun safes are chosen over other brands. If you were deciding to buy one for yourself, maybe you are in the middle of confusion due to lack of information about what to expect or what to get from a Heritage safe. To end any unclear or maybe biased information you find online, check out this post to help you know this gun safe maker better.

The Maker

Heritage, a local and private company headquartering in Grace, Idaho, is a known manufacturer of  office safes and home safes. It’s a family run business, which is known for preserving and protecting your most valuable items including land titles, jewelries, last wills, confidential business documents, precious gadgets and most importantly—guns.

Heritage, as the name suggests, aims to help consumers store and protect their heritage—including investments, assets and valuable documents in resilient, quality and high-end safes. The company takes prices in every safe they conceptualize, design and make, aiming to keep their consumers happy and satisfied, making them not regret the decision of choosing their company for security and safety cabinets and safes, all made under the strictest company and industry standards.

Heritage set the bar high in terms of fire, home and gun protection and safety. All products are custom built to cater to a customer’s discerning taste and standards. Satisfaction for a lifetime is the company’s main mission.

The Benefits—Protection, Safety and Security

Heritage Safes offers a wide range of products, which are made under stringent company standards and industry expectations. It offers DOJ compliant, fire-resistant and user-friendly safes.

Whether you are looking to store your heirlooms, documents, guns and jewelries, among others, there is one suitable Heritage product you can choose from. The company maintains a wide network of happy and satisfied customers, who through the years have kept loyalty with them.

Speaking of customer value, Heritage offers consumers with an innovative, responsible and sensible means and ways of keeping their prized possessions at the comforts of their home or in their business premises.

Another thing that separates this company from the chaff is that they dedicate themselves for public policy and safety while at the same time keeping children out of harms’ way. They also comply with industry-set standards and existing DOJ polices on safes. Currently, Heritage is a proud member of the National Gun Safe Coalition.

Without compromising quality, Heritage also offers affordable gun cabinets while keeping above-standard features, which include…

Safety: All products come with high-durable and extra thick steel of up to four times

ITR Compliant Fire Resistant: Protection from fire starts at 75 minutes up to 125 minutes

Interior styling and customization: Customers can choose the interior setup that applies to their needs. Contact them today for your specifications.

For valued customers, each of them can take advantage of the company’s excellent pre and post sales customer support. They stand behind their products, as highlighted in many Heritage gun safe reviews. When it comes to support, customers are extremely happy with the quick-response system this company has.

In addition, the company does not offer lighter safes, which are so easy to open by burglars and thieves that lurk around the corner and attack when you’re not around or when you’re sound asleep. The company keeps their high standards on the rigorous and resilient designs and makes of their gun safes. Aside from that, this company has also met strict UL security certification (which is a must for any quality safe in the business). Heritage continue is stay competitive against the big name safes (BrowningCannon, Winchester and Liberty) and is an excellent choice for a quality safe.

The Product Selections:

Ultimate Series

Heritage Gun Safe UltimateHeritage Ultimate is a bestseller as it is made with high quality and tough impenetrable materials. This product line boasts a greater weight, thicker steel, improved fire protection and larger bolts.


  • Security: C-Rated
  • ITR Fire Certified
  • Steel body: 3/16 inch thick
  • Durable external hinges, caps included
  • Firewall: 2 3/4 inches
  • Solid steel fire door: ¾ inch thick
  • Overall door thickness: 4 3/4” inches
  • Deluxe handle
  • Group II lock grade
  • Palusol fire seal
  • Triple hardplate
  • Ceiling thermal blanket
  • Lifetime warranty

Legacy Series

Heritage gun Safes LegacyIt comes with exceptional and complete set of safety and security features that every gun owner is looking for. It’s elegant, heavy and high quality while at the same time keeping intricacy in the design.


  • UL Certified
  • Durable external hinges
  • ITR Fire Certified
  • 4-way Deadlock
  • Steel body: 1/8 inch
  • Detent system
  • Firewall: 2 ¼ inches
  • Ceiling thermal blanket
  • Palusol fire seal
  • Quad Sleeve Technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Door organizer

Centennial Series

heritage gun safe CentennialHeritage Centennial Series offers good value because fire protection and security are similar or even above industry standards. It is composed of budget-friendly, elegant and quality safes.


  • UL Security Certified
  • Five-point handle
  • Detent system
  • Three Relockers
  • Palusol fire seal for safety
  • ITR Fire Compliant
  • Steel body: 1/8 inch
  • Reinforced fire door: 3/8 inch
  • Firewall: 1 ¾ inch
  • Locking bolts
  • Door organizer
  • Lifetime warranty



Should You Get a Heritage Gun Cabinet or Safe?

If you want to experience the Heritage advantage, you can buy one for yourself. Their products are all top-of-the-line and highly innovative while keeping customer ease and budget in mind. Based from research, Heritage seems to offer products that come with heavier and thick steel construction, thicker housing and door, superior locking bolts and attractive and elegant safe interiors.

Weighing things closely, Heritage deserves applause, so it may be worth your consideration. If you want nothing but the best deals online, study your options and compare several sellers. If you need some assistance, you may also contact a reputable seller that’s ready to attend to your needs and help you come up with a better, well-informed decision.

Read and Compare more details on the Full Line of Heritage Products today!

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